NLEFIA Shoot House Instructor Vest
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This is the NLEFIA Shoot House Instructor Vest that is provided in our Live-Fire CQB / Shoot House Instructor Certification course.  The vest distinguishes instructors from shooters during dynamic live-fire CQB training in a shoot house where instructors are mixed in with the shooters. You can spend big money and purchase a red colored outervest carrier to place your ballistic panels in...or, you can wear this inexpensive lightweight vest over your existing outervest carrier / concealable body armor.

- 100% solid polyester material

- Velcro front closure with an elastic strap on each side to keep the vest in place

- Pocket on the upper right chest that can hold a pen or marker and a pocket-sized notebook, small flashlight, or other gear

- Clear pocket on the upper left chest to slide in an ID card or name tag

- Inside pocket on the lower right side to hold additional gear

- Two horizontal strips of 1" hi-gloss white reflective tape for added safety during low light training

- One size fits all

This vest is important to ensure shooters don't get confused on who's a team member and who's an instructor.  See this vest being used in this video... 

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NLEFIA Shoot House Instructor Vest

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